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Liability Cover

APC Overnight Liability Cover – Summary

The Alternative Parcels Company Ltd only accepts goods through its network subject to its conditions of Carriage 2016. APC Overnight (The Alternative Parcels Company Ltd) along with its Depots and Agents are not insurance companies and do not sell insurance. If you wish to purchase alternative insurance you will need to contact an insurance company or broker.

Standard Liability Cover

Up to maximum of £100 per consignment regardless of weight for all parcel services (excluding Mail Pack, Courier Pack & Light weight services – maximum rate for these services are limited to £50). Claims will be paid on the lesser of the cost/repair of goods. There will be no excess charge on the Standard Liability Cover. For further exclusions refer to 9.1.a in the APC Conditions of Carriage 2016.

Increased Liability Cover

Increased liability cover may be purchased, we call this ILC. You must declare the value of the consignment and you will be charged according to that value.

Items Not Accepted for Carriage

There are some items that are not acceptable for carriage, these include such items as Bullion, Cash, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, or any explosive items. (This list is not exhaustive for further details please refer to APC Conditions of Carriage 2016.

Items that Travel at your Own Risk

There are some items that can travel through APC, however APC are not prepared to offer any liability what so ever. Such items include (but are not limited to) Living Creatures (restrictions apply), Perishables and other goods liable to spoil, Cheques, Money Orders, Securities, Tickets, Vouchers, Stamps, Precious Metals/Stones, Jewellery, Works of Art, Antiques, Memorabilia, Watches, Wines/Beers/Spirits, Furs, Tobacco, Glass/Ceramics, Pottery/Porcelain/China, Perspex, Acrylics, Fibre Glass, Television Sets, Plasma Screens, Monitors, Bicycles that are not boxed, Mechanical parts containing oil or invasive liquids, Furniture unless flat packed, Mattresses (for further details please refer to APC Conditions of Carriage 2016).

Time Scales in the event of a Liability Claim

Damage or part damage must be reported in writing (email acceptable), within three (3) business days of the date of consignment dispatch. In the case of loss we must be notified in writing (email acceptable), within twenty (20) working days of the date of consignment dispatch. Unfortunately verbal claims cannot be accepted. (For further details please refer to APC Conditions of Carriage 2016).

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